The Cash & Rocket Tour 2020

Help us support our charities through the current COVID-19 Health Pandemic. They need us now more than ever! 

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Delphine de Causans£1,000
Chloe & Eloise Luckock£700

We hope you’re all safe and happy. We love you!

Mia S. Lei£5,000

Hope everyone and everything gets normal.

John Irwin
Claire-Anne Stroll£1,247
Elizabeth Urquhart£125

I'm so proud of you guys. I know how much these children mean to you. Love you big sis and appreciate all that you're doing for this cause!

Hillary Jebbitt£250
Mark Jeffs
We have had to postpone our June 2020 Tour due to Covid-19.  However, the charities we support, Sumbandila and The Helen Bamber Foundation, need our support to get through this crisis now more than ever.  We are mobilizing our powerful network of women to create a force to fundraise and help our charities make it through this pandemic.  
We are lucky to be comfortable at home in quarantine with adequate healthcare and homeschooling. The people helped by Sumbandila and the Helen Bamber Foundation are not so fortunate. They need our help urgently!

Please click on the links below to learn more about the incredible work done by the Helen Bamber Foundation and Sumbandila : 

The Helen Bamber Foundation:

Thank you for your support !



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